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Agent Orange Exposure

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  • Agent Orange is a toxin causing serious and often fatal medical conditions harming millions of Vietnam War and other Veterans. VA provides disability compensation for Veterans diagnosed with Agent Orange-related illnesses based on service in Vietnam, Thailand, or the Korean demilitarized zone.
  • Bergmann & Moore has succesfully helped hundreds of Veterans and their widows obtain benefits in cases of non-presumptive Agent Orange exposure in both service connection claims as well as surviving spouse (DIC) claims. We are dedicated to fighting VA until these conditions are deemed presumptive.



We understand VA’s complex and changing rules for Agent Orange claims.

Our law firm is managed by former VA attorneys who know the system.



Bergmann & Moore  has helped hundreds of Veterans obtain Agent Orange benefits.

Veterans with Agent Orange Illnesses are treated equally and with dignity and respect.



M Weber

Since my father's death from Agent Orange related brain cancer in 1993, my mother has been battling with the VA. Your support helped us hang in the fight. We could not have won without your firm's superb legal work. Because of Bergmann & Moore, my mom will now receive retroactive DIC, and will be secure in her future.

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